Wasp Out

Keep Wasps Out

Hornet's Nest Wasp Deterrent

It's a fake hornet's nest that look so real they'll never know the difference!

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How It Works

Most wasps are very territorial and respect the hornet as the king of the wasps because they will prey on other insects including wasps. When a scout wasp searches for a place to make a colony, they usually avoid building their nest in the near vicinity of an existing hornet's nest. Therefore, the fake hornet's nest acts as a natural, visual deterrent, leaving you with a WASP FREE zone.


Great product!!!! I've used another product like this for years, but it was made out of paper and wasn't weatherproof. This one works just as well, but it won't dissolve in the rain. Bought two, one for front yard and one for back.

– MoJoKitty87

We had a bunch of wasps visiting our deck everyday starting the middle of April. After we got the Fake Out Hornets Nest, we may have seen one that didn't stick around. I wish we got this YEARS ago!! Works like a charm!!

– Jennifer Mansfield


One of these hornet's nests is brand new and the other has been hanging in the weather for three years. Can you tell which one?